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"Ms.. PanTango has been a part of our business plan for over six years. Any major shift has been either preceded by or followed by her Energetics ManagementSM.
PanTango Associates, LLC is a company committed to excellence and the latest technology in:

Energetics ManagementSM
Strategies to improve the quality of your life! Working with absolute confidentiality and behind the scenes, Brenda PanTango, NRG (en-er-gy) StylistSM and founder of this Innovation in Energetics, helps high profile individuals attain Quantum Leaps of Success and more Joy in life. She is clearly the leader in this emerging field.

Exclusive to those in the entertainment industry…
Custom designed strategies to help with the professional and unique life challenges of those working in the entertainment industry:
• managers
• agents
• celebrities
• professional athletes
• gatekeepers
• stakeholders
• producers
• other business endeavors
Life changing…
Regardless of life complexities or personal challenges – Energetics ManagementSM removes the energetic blockages, barriers and obstacles that can cause defeat, hopelessness, confusion, miscommunication, distress, hardship, burn-out, pain and struggle.

Scientifically proven…
Using expertise in the field of Energetics, based on the concepts of Quantum physics (researched by a NASA engineer for the past 30 years), Brenda PanTango uses creative brilliance and dedication to achieve something rarely accomplished on earth – quantifiable results – improved outcomes and less stress in most any situation.
She has developed new techniques over time that have accelerated our revenues. Even in tough economic times, our company has seen 20% growth each year."

Brenda PanTango has effective solutions…
Whether her services are used to iron out the wrinkles of a “high drama” situation or to bring a smooth flow - making lives easier for businesses or individuals when there is general chaos, confusion and funky energy - Brenda is the perfect person for the job! Within 3 to 11 days, you could be enjoying your life and career once again and feeling more enthusiastic, energized and successful!


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"There is truly no limit to what Brenda PanTango can do or how she can help. I am impressed with the way she approaches all facets of Energetic ManagementSM and the principles of integrity she represents. Brenda has my unqualified professional endorsement and my deep personal respect"
T.F. Broker